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Learn to use your brain to its full potential

You may not be using your brain to its full potential, and you may not be aware that you're working against it.  

But imagine what it would look like if you, and everyone else around you, knew more about how to work with their brains and optimize learning, work, and overall life.  

Let's make that a reality. 

Joining Forces With Your Brain the workshop series is here to help you do just that.   


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Joining Forces With Your Brain



The Workshop Series

Interactive, experimental, and practical. Get ready to experience what it feels like to learn and join forces with your brain. 

*Sessions can be delivered both in person and virtually

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are these workshops for?

Workshops 1&2 are a great choice for anyone who would like to learn how to better use their brains and how to be more strategic, focused, and intentional with their learning and workflows.

Workshop 3 is most beneficial for anyone designing or facilitating learning, as we get hands-on with project work integrating science into the design process. 

What happens before the workshop?

We’ll schedule a 30-45mins collaboration call so I can learn about your team, your key goals, and how to make this contextually relevant to the business and environments you work in.

What can I expect in the workshop?

During these workshops, you'll be engaged in experiments, guided practices, interactive chats, and discussions among your peers.  In-between sessions you’ll be fed prompts for reflection and practice to be carried over to the next session.  

In workshop #3, we get hands-on, breaking down a learning design and re-working it with the science from sessions 1&2. 

How should I schedule multiple workshops?

It is recommended that the workshops are spaced 2 weeks apart, to allow for reflection and application in between, then feedback and correction during the following session. 

Which workshop should I choose?

The workshops have been designed to work with a naturally occurring process in your brain called “scaffolding”. This allows you to create the foundational knowledge base, then build upon and integrate the new information with the existing one. 

  1. Workshop 1 can be delivered as a standalone or an interactive keynote for a broader audience.
  2. Pair workshops 1&2
  3. All three, are most beneficial for learning teams who are regularly designing, facilitating, and managing learning

The Client Perspective

"Lauren’s presenting skills and personality made the sessions fun, enlightening and most of all engaging. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is obvious and oozes through every discussion and activity. Even the biggest cynic would have difficulty not getting involved and excited by how we learn and absorb information."
Kathy, Senior Instructional Designer, KPMG
"Lauren is a true Subject Matter Expert when it comes to learning design and ultimately understanding your learners and users. Her outstanding knowledge of both how the brain works and cognitive theory is unmatched when it comes to creating and crafting learning that positively impacts your organization and its goals. A true revolutionary in the learning industry."
Jason Rudick, Training and Certification Assistant at Ontario Government