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Why work against your brain, when you can join forces with it? 

Evolve the way you work, learn and design learning with brain science.

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For too long, we’ve been more focused on WHAT we are learning, rather than HOW we are doing it. 

You’ll be amazed as you learn about your brain, how it operates, and how this knowledge can be accessed to enhance how you think, work, feel and learn in your personal and professional life.

Joining Forces with Your Brain

My interactive series will teach you about your brain and how to optimize its use for your everyday life. 

Then we're going to pair that knowledge with learning strategies to enhance your ability to learn.

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The Client's Perspective


"Learning needs Lauren Waldman. Her willingness to challenge the status quo; pairing neuroscience with an evidence-based approach to enterprise learning - engages learners, increases knowledge retention, and ultimately, delivers results."
Matt Burns,
Founder, BentoHR


"I’ve had colleagues say how they loved your talk, how it reminded them of what a skilled performer, a truly great teacher /lecturer really brings to engagement. I’ve had colleagues say “shit, I heard it was excellent and I’m disappointed I missed her” and I’ve had colleagues say “wow, she really messed with us but this is going to stick with me!”. Bravo, you won hearts and minds (brains?!)"
Katharine Barrette, 
Associate Dean, Mount Royal University Library


“That was truly one of the most unique workshop sessions I have ever participated in. I felt like a tourist in a gallery walk through our amazing brains.  Thank you,Lauren, for such a memorable session!”


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