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The time for a learning revolution is now, and it all starts with your brain

Learning Pirate provides revolutionary, learning solutions based on proven research coming from neuroscience.  We are focused on how the brain learns and how to transform our methods of learning design and delivery in order for your learners to encode, retrieve and recall what they learn, when they need it the most.  Let’s tap into the curiosity of all the amazing brains you work with and discover the pleasure of learning and the unlimited potential that lies within. The adventure starts here.

When you invest in evolving the way you learn, the return is: 

  • Increased ability to retain and recall skills and knowledge with accuracy and efficiency 

  • Faster transfer of learning in both your personal and professional lives 

  • Highly engaged and collaborative employees

  • A deeper curiosity and desire to know and share more

  • A better understanding of your own brain, your capability, and the limitless capacity we have as learners







We have unlimited capacity to learn.


Did anyone ever teach you how to learn?


I have asked that question to thousands of people worldwide, and the answer is always no. I’d like to change that. With all the advancements in modern medical technology, we’re fortunate to know so much more about how the brain functions when performing various cognitive tasks.  We take this knowledge and translate it into proven, practical learning theories and methodologies. In short, there is a science to learning and designing instruction and when we use it we’re able to elicit the appropriate cognitive processes.  It’s challenging and oh so joyous, and this is what makes learning, well learning, and once you’re confident in your knowing, that’s when… 

You Are Really Ready!!!


Are you really ready to learn?

Tell us what you’re curious about and how we can start your new learning journey!

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