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"Lauren’s presenting skills and personality made the sessions fun, enlightening and most of all engaging. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is obvious and oozes through every discussion and activity. Even the biggest cynic would have difficulty not getting involved and excited by how we learn and absorb information."

Senior Instructional Designer, KPMG


I appreciate that you made the content applicable to all attendees, even those that were not from a Learning Design background. The approach to spread the workshops over two sessions worked well as I didn’t feel overloaded with information. Understanding how the brain uses energy as a resource and the effects of cognitive overload really sung out to me and I’ve been more conscious of this since. Overall, you brought amazing energy and knowledge to our sessions, it was a delight to work with you. Thank you!

Relationships Manager, Learning Services, KPMG



“That was truly one of the most unique workshop sessions I have ever participated in. I felt like a tourist in a gallery walk through our amazing brains. This has given me the knowledge and practical appplications to elevate my ability to learn and design learning and there wasn't one person on the team that didn't feel the same.   Thank you , Lauren, for such a memorable session, we can't wait to bring you back and continue the journey!"

-Jason Rudik
Training and Certification, Government of Ontario



"Heya Lauren,

I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for your talk, for being generally captivating, engaging, hilarious and surprising! You know us uni academic folks are a seriously tough crowd but you got us on our feet, shook us up, made us laugh and helped us learn and be aware of how out students learn and it was so excellent!

I’ve had colleagues say how they loved your talk, how it reminded them of what a skilled performer, a truly great teacher /lecturer really brings to engagement. I’ve had colleagues say “shit, I heard it was excellent and I’m disappointed I missed her” and I’ve had colleagues say “wow, she really messed with us but this is going to stick with me!”. Bravo, you won hearts and minds (brains?!) and I’m so glad we got to meet in real life. "

-Katharine Barrette
Associate Dean, Public Services, Associate Professor, Mount Royal University Library



“Lauren’s passion for her subject matter is infectious. The energy radiates to her audiences and fuels their enthusiasm to not just learn from her insights but explore, investigate and get curious about the reasoning behind their connection with the subject matter. This awesome skill that blends the science of the brain with the finesse of a learning expert makes every opportunity to engage something not to be missed. I’ve been part of a mesmerized 2000 person audience at the Global Change Management conference in person and seen her masterfully navigate a virtual delivery of techniques, tips and goal setting for change professionals. Always work a resounding YARR!”

-Rich Batchelor 
Vice President, Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP Global) 


Learning Design 


"I am so grateful for your contribution to our program. Our curriculum has reached a new level of magnificence and through my work with you I have gained significant understanding of how the processes I designed can be improved to deepen learning, how to create even more impactful processes in the future, and a much clearer understanding of how the brain functions. I love the study of the brain and found my work with you to be intriguing and exciting! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge in this domain and thank you for delivering it in a way that was easy to understand and actionable. You are genius in this area and I am excited to work with again! "

-Tamrah Barber,
President Extreme Teen Leaders 



 "True Genius! Traditional learning methodologies are gone. Enter brain activation learning! I hired Lauren to help me with the design of a 2-part masterclass. I'm super deep in my topic (and I have a lot of it) and Lauren helped me not just boil a huge quantity into the highest impact pieces but brought it to life with exercises and flow that I would not have thought of on my own.
Go ahead. Be your own SME. That's your job as a professional trainer or facilitator. But if you're looking to refresh, revitalize and capture and engage your audience, then definitely hire this learning pirate... YARR!!!!!


-Libby McCready
Chief Thought Architect, Opportunity Street