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One of the best emails I ever got after a keynote...

Heya Lauren, 
I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for your talk, for being generally captivating, engaging, hilarious and surprising! You know us uni academic folks are a seriously tough crowd but you got us on our feet, shook us up, made us laugh and helped us learn and be aware of how out students learn and it was so excellent!
I’ve had colleagues say how they loved your talk, how it reminded them of what a skilled performer, a truly great teacher /lecturer really brings to engagement. I’ve had colleagues say “shit, I heard it was excellent and I’m disappointed I missed her” and I’ve had colleagues say “wow, she really messed with us but this is going to stick with me!”. Bravo, you won hearts and minds (brains?!) and I’m so glad we got to meet in real life. 

Katharine Barrett, 

Associate Dean, Public Service | Associate Professor, Mount Royal University Library

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Imagine having a speaker who could take your audience into their brains and back out into a world of curiosity and possibility. Demonstrate and share ways that they can optimize the resources of their brains to get the most out of your kickoffs, annual meetings, conferences, or special events.

Lauren shares how to apply the science of learning through stories, live experiments, humour, and practical application.

She creates a conversational experience with her audience and guides them to recognize the feelings and sensations of their brains at work.

It is what makes her sessions truly unique and your attendee’s overall experiences more valuable.

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