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Lauren can work with you and your teams to: 

  • Assess and identify gaps in your current learning designs. 
  • Do a complete audit of any of your learning programs.
  • Create a bespoke, scientifically designed,  learning program from start to finish.
  • Design and conduct thorough learning needs analysis grounded in cognitive and behavioural science. 

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Learning is hard but the process doesn't have to be. Let's talk it out. 

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Lauren has designed for:

  • Large-scale organizational change initiatives, including mergers and acquisitions.
  • On-boarding programs for all levels of employees. 
  • New product/service launches for sales/marketing teams.
  • Health and safety compliance, organizational, cruise ship/hospitality.
  • Leadership development programs.

The Client's Perspective  


"I am so grateful for your contribution to our program. Our curriculum has reached a new level of magnificence and through my work with you I have gained significant understanding of how the processes I designed can be improved to deepen learning, how to create even more impactful processes in the future, and a much clearer understanding of how the brain functions. I love the study of the brain and found my work with you to be intriguing and exciting! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge in this domain and thank you for delivering it in a way that was easy to understand and actionable. You are genius in this area and I am excited to work with you again! "
Tamrah Barber,
President Extreme Teen Leaders 

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