This isn't your typical "course".

Joining Forces with your Brain

This course is a multi-part interactive learning series in which you'll explore that amazing brain of yours and build the skills to be a better learner and overall human.
Step into a world of learning, masterfully designed with science.

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Did anyone ever teach you how to learn?

Did anyone ever teach you about your brain? 

I'm Lauren, aka the Learning Pirate, and I've created this course to help you gain insight into the intricate workings of the most complex organ in your body, your brain. Learning about your brain enables you to appreciate the marvels of human cognition and opens untapped avenues of self-exploration. Are you ready to discover how it feels to maximize your brain’s power?

Take a 25-minute sneak peek and discover what you’re really made of.


I'm going to keep you on your toes as we...

• check out that fascinating brain of yours and see how it works
• have a lot of fun doing experiments, because why only tell you, when I can show you!
• work on developing some immensely valuable skills like focus and cognitive control
• learn about the methods, theories, and strategies to help you learn way better.

Oh...and we're going to track the whole journey too. Well you are, but I'm going to guide you through it. 

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