This isn't your typical "course".

Joining Forces with your Brain

This series is an accumulation of decades worth of research distilled down to practical, relevant and transferable skills and knowledge.
You can spend years of your life researching all of this or you can let us do and break it down for you. Which would you prefer?
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YARR, I'm Lauren!

AKA the Learning Pirate..

I could tell you how I'm tripled certified in neuroscience, have an amazing board of advisors, have taught and spoken about learning and the brain all over this beautiful world of ours, but I'd rather tell you this...

I LOVE WHAT I DO! But don't expect the expected, I like to keep people on their toes ;) 

I'm going to show you...

  • The basics about that fascinating brain of yours and how it works
  • How you can tap into the chemistry of your brain to help you focus
  • What it really takes to create and strengthen a memory
  • Some fun experiments and practices which will help you understand and experience just how this all happens! 

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