Seamus Mee

Dining Operations Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Lauren…my goodness! This is a woman who genuinely gives a big smile and hello to anyone she passes and shows her pride for the success of others.  You can see the passion for the work she does and the people she does it with and for.  Her training sessions had such an element of showmanship that it was hard not to learn and have fun with her.   She demonstrated time and time again her abilities to work in extreme time limitations and demanding schedules.   Her analysis of our client demographics led to a new customized training program, drastically changing the way we cater to their needs and increasing our efficiency and overall success.   Her cross training initiatives successfully transitioned staff from our different divisions and saw many career advancements because of it.  She is an exciting, funny and dynamic person to work with and left a lasting impression on us all!

Lauren Waldman