Talal Chaudhry 

HR Business Partner

Lauren brings tremendous passion and energy to the workplace. Her dedication, attention-to-detail and interpersonal skills allow her to manage complex projects whilst addressing the needs of all stakeholders. Her varied experience means that she can help organizations address a wide array of L&D related needs and challenges. She is an excellent presenter and understands how to captivate an audience. Hence, her training sessions are both informative and engaging. Having her as part of our team allowed us to significantly enhance our L&D repertoire. It is no exaggeration to state that she is a true subject matter expert!

Seamus Mee

Dining Operations Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Lauren…my goodness! This is a woman who genuinely gives a big smile and hello to anyone she passes and shows her pride for the success of others.  You can see the passion for the work she does and the people she does it with and for.  Her training sessions had such an element of showmanship that it was hard not to learn and have fun with her.   She demonstrated time and time again her abilities to work in extreme time limitations and demanding schedules.   Her analysis of our client demographics led to a new customized training program, drastically changing the way we cater to their needs and increasing our efficiency and overall success.   Her cross training initiatives successfully transitioned staff from our different divisions and saw many career advancements because of it.  She is an exciting, funny and dynamic person to work with and left a lasting impression on us all!

Nilson Santana

Hotel Manager, Brazil

Besides being a joy to work with, Lauren is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.  She successfully developed several training plans for my department that has resulted in increased customer and employee satisfaction.  Lauren not only headed the training project we dreamed of having for our customer service agents, she ensured its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that my colleagues, managers and trainees both respected and admired. In addition to her training excellence, Lauren assumed a leadership role in meetings, inspiring and motivating our employees to rise to new challenges.  I really couldn’t have wished for anymore! 

Jonathan Blank

Operations Manager, Harbour Hotel Group

Lauren has been extremely influential to me.  She was a tremendous support to my team during a very difficult restructure and also was a source of continued support to me personally.  Her knowledge of training techniques and her broad range of methods enable her to reach out to all levels of learners.  Through her continued efforts, we have seen an increased level of the understanding within the team and also a hunger to learn more.  The sessions she conducts are interesting, informative and constructive while remaining incredibly upbeat and lively.  

As a developing manager within the company, she has supported me personally to achieve my goals and continue to develop my inter-personal skills and management styles.  She has been instrumental in guiding a newly formed supervisory team in the right direction.  Her coaching methods have encouraged them to learn and have ultimately guided them to success. 

Antoinette Ellis

Senior Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist, Tata Consultancy Services, Canada

To Lauren, being a facilitator or Speaker is more than just a career. It is what she is truly passionate about. I have known Lauren for more than 2 years and have had the opportunity to not only attend her workshops but to see her facilitate many trainings during that time. Lauren has a way of not only connecting with her audience but also leaving them with a lasting impression. Lauren is able to captivate her audience no matter how big or small and she can deliver the same training one hundred times and in a hundred different ways. Her ability to tie in neuroscience to her trainings is what makes Lauren standout above the rest. I would highly recommend Lauren to any company that is looking for a dynamic leader to make a stellar change.

Prashant Juttukonda

Head of Big Data & Analytics at Tata Consultancy Services, Canada

Lauren is a passionate leader who takes the learning and development of all members of an organization into consideration. Lauren identified several programs that benefited organizational capabilities and held herself personally responsible for deep learning of the entire team. Lauren worked with several batches of new graduate hires to organize and deliver programs, transitioning them from training, to the client site.  Working with all the senior leaders and helping merge generational and functional gaps, she really played an intricate role in setting up and executing our learning initiatives across the company.