Lauren Waldman



Lauren Waldman is a revolutionary in the discipline of organizational learning. She’s constructing the bridge built on the latest findings from the best researchers and scientists in the fields of cognitive, educational and fundamental neuroscience, guiding individuals and organizations to evolve the way we learn by translating the research into applicable practice.  With her nearly two decades as a corporate learning professional, her ambition is driven by the desire to help others rediscover the power and pleasure of learning, and the tangible results that arise from it. Lauren’s infectious ability to bring people into her world of curiosity and possibility, has given her the privilege to work with and speak to thousands of learners globally and at home in Toronto, Canada.

Lauren is a CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional), has certification in the Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Harvard), certification in Medical Neuroscience (Duke), is a Designated  Communication Coach and Trainer, and is an advisory board member of the NCCA (National Communication Coaching Association of Canada).

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Y A R R !

Are you ready to uncover the treasure that exists in your brain and rediscover the power and joy of learning ?