Being the translator

It's amazing for me to think back to 3years ago when neuroscience had yet to formally come into my personal and professional world. Now I can't imagine a day without neuroscience in my life, I'm a self proclaimed "neuronerd." What can I say, the brain is a pretty addictive topic to study, but don't be fooled, it wasn't easy.

So why did I do it? Why did I leave a director level position in learning and development to immerse myself in some of the most difficult learning I've ever done? That's easy, I serendipitously found Dr.Britt Andreatta while I was opening her session at a conference we were both at. By the time she was done her keynote, not only had I found the missing piece to my learning puzzle, but had decided less than half way through that I was going to woo her into being my mentor. (the wooing worked by the way)

From then on it was all neuroscience. I wanted to learn. I was so motivated that I thought nothing could stop me. Until I started. The fundamentals of neuroscience may have been easier for someone who had some background knowledge in sciences, biology, psychology, but I had parted ways with those subjects years ago, and my brain had little to nothing to compare the new information I was inundating it with. I spent those first 4months in spells of frustration, literally sounding out words that I had never seen nor spoken before, failing quizzes and revisiting materials over and over to make sense of it all.

Determination kept me going. I wanted to be part of a movement where we change the way we learn. Where we stop underestimating and undervaluing just what our brains are capable of. I also knew that what I was learning was complicated, and if I wanted to bring it back to my profession and share it with my fellow learners and learning professionals, that I'd have to really get a grip on the material, then work at translating it into actionable practice. And that's just what I did.

Putting my career on hold for 2years to do nothing but learn and earn credentials for what I believe to be the greater good of moving learning forward, totally worth it. Knowing what I know now about the brain and how it learns, I can't go back. Now all I want to do is share. Bring it back to my extended learning communities all around the world.

So my question to you is this..who's ready for a learning evolution?

YARR for now!

Lauren Waldman