Where will your learning journey

take you?



When you partner with Learning Pirate, expect much more to come out of the treasure chest than you expected. We put brain science as the star of the show when it comes to executing the process and methodologies that will be used to create sustainable, continual learning, but that’s not all.   We love to transfer our knowledge along the way and will guide you through how the science is being used as we work together.

We want those that we collaborate with, to have their own learning experiences woven into the process, and will answer the call of your curiosity as we go.  

Consulting/Contractor services for:

  • Learning design (Looking through the telescope broadly)

  • Instructional design (focusing the telescope to create the individual pieces of the learning design)

  • Organizational learning strategy and legacy plans

  • Science based learning analysis for projects

  • Designing high level presentations for audience impact and retention