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The learning brain

How does the brain learn? For centuries we’ve been learning the same way with little thought as to how the brain takes in, processes, and stores information.


In this workshop, based on the fundamentals of neuroscience, take a journey into the learning brain. Discover the myths that have been busted about how we learn, the crucial role of unlearning, and leave with strategic tips to increase your ability to learn more effectively.


Instructional design for the brain

Neuroscience has taught us a lot about how the brain functions and which of those functions are inherently linked to learning. We are now able to translate this knowledge into methodologies to enhance learner experience though instructional design.

This workshop has been created for those who are in learning and development to upskill your abilities to design learning based on the science. Learners will be taken through a variety of methodologies with rational theory, to increase their comprehension of not only how the brain takes in a learning experience , but how we can strategically design for higher retention and recall.


Brain ready presentations

When you only have 30-45mins to make a big impact on an audience, organizing your content and delivery can seem like a challenge, not anymore.

In this workshop learn how to use the emotional processing centres of the brain to engage and tap into your audience in tangible, memorable ways.   Understand how to use the environment to your advantage and how to organize your content that won’t lead to cognitive overload and memory loss.


Brain science for learning needs analysis

You can’t design successful learning if you can’t clearly identify end goals.

This workshop will dive below the surface of traditional learning needs analysis to transform older methodologies through the integration of the sciences.   Learn how to get to the core needs of your clients, business partners etc. to produce tangible outcomes for your end users, the learners.


Change and the learning brain

As we all know change can be difficult, and this can be for a variety of reasons, but where does change really start its journey?


This workshop is designed to give participants the knowledge of how the brain processes and turn change into tangible action.  We’ll look at the role of learning and unlearning, changing behaviours vs processes and procedures, and functional strategies to implement change with ease.